Best Offline Website Builder Softwares

These days online website builders are all the rage. If you are looking for an offline website builders, then you have quite limited options. Most companies are focused on building a supporting tools which enable you to create website online.

However there are a few products which let you design and create a website offline. In this post I will cover such builders.

In this blog we generally cover tools and software which are suited for beginners. However the offline website builders covered in this post are NOT meant for beginners.

They are meant for beginner coders who have just started learning HTML/CSS or or experienced coders who want a quicker way to create HTML / WordPress websites for themselves or their clients

Why use an Offline Website Builder ?

In this age of cheap website builders and cheap web hosting, why would one even consider using an offline website builder ? There are certain use cases where using an offline builder makes sense.

Benefits of Offline Website Builders

  • 1. Control and Flexibility
  • The offline website builders are suited when you want complete control over your website without actually getting into coding.
  • You want to learn html and css but are not yet ready to fully dive into programming. Offline website builders can give you a starting point point from where you can slowly get into html and css coding.
  • 2. Choice of Web Host
  • You get more choice in terms of selecting a web host. Since you are developing a website by yourself, you are fee to choose the web host of your choice.
  • 3. No Recurring Fees
  • The offline website builders operate on a pay once use forever model.
  • Generally purchasing a license entitle you to support and updates for one year. However if you want the latest version , then you will need to pay a renewal fees.
  • Also note that license only cover the cost of the software. In case you want to host a website, you will need to pay a recurring fee to your web host.
  • 4. Work Offline / without internet
  • You dont need always on internet connectivity. However in this day of cheap internet, I dont think this is a significant differentiator.

Limitations of Offline Website Builders

  • Less Feature Rich as compared to established online website builders.
  • They dont come with web hosting. You will need to select a web host in case you want to put your website online.
  • Not suited for beginners. If you are a beginner , then online website builders are the best choice.

Lets start

The Best Offline Website Builder Software

So here are the 3 best offline website builders.

  • Mobirise
  • Template Toaster
  • PineGrow

Lets get started

#1. Mobirise

Mobirise is a popular offline website builder. It offers you a library of pre built blocks which you can drag and drop to create your website.

In order to use Mobirise, you need to first install it on your PC or Mac. Once installed you can start website designing process. The created website can be exported and hosted on any web host of your choice.


The free version of Mobirise comes with a limited set of templates and blocks. You can upgrade to the premium version to get access to the complete library of template and blocks. If you are not ready buy the complete kit, you can also purchase individual templates and extensions.

However I believe buying the complete premium kit is a much better value. The individual themes are prices at 39 USD while the complete kit is priced at 149 USD.

The complete kit also gives you access to extensions like form builder, popup builder and integrated code editor.

Best Suited for

It is best suited for new users who want to learn building building html website but are still not comfortable with coding. Mobirise gives you a starting point where you can create a functional HTML website without coding.

#2. Template Toaster

Template toaster is another popular offline website builder. Its works differently as compared to Mobirise.

You can think of template toaster as a theme builder. It lets you build theme for various platforms like:

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Opencart
  • Prestashop
  • Joomla
  • Blogger
  • Virtuemart
  • Magento

In addition to creating theme for CMS platforms, it also lets you create HTML/CSS website.

Its editor is extremely similar to microsoft word. When using the program it asks you to create a projeect and select a platform.

Once you select the platform you start with the designing process. Its editor is laid out like Microsoft word. The editor will require some exploration and research.

In addition to the builder, template toaster also offers a growing collection of pre built themes for supported platforms.


Templatetoaster offer a fully functional builder for free, the cathc here is that the exported theme will have an evaluation watermark.

There are 2 premium additions Standard and Premium. Standard version is priced at 49 USD and has a limited set of features where as the Premium version is fully functional and is priced at 149 USD.

Best Suited for

Template toaster is best suited for experienced web developers and designers. It is ideal if you create website for clients and need a quick way to create theme for different platforms like wordpress, joomla, bootstrap etc.

#3. Pinegrow

Pinegrow markets itself as a Website builder for professionals. It is a visual editor which lets you build bootstrap based websites. The Pinegrow interface is similar to design tools like Photoshop.

Recently they have released a wordpress theme builder which lets you create wordpress theme visually.

As with other builders, Pinegrow lets you export created website which you can host any where.


The pricing of Pine is broken down in various License categories

  • Individual License
  • Company License
  • Student Licence

Pinegrow offers two payments modes-

  • One time payment – It lest you pay once and use forever. It comes with 1 years of updates and support
  • Monthly payments – It lets you use Pinegrow till your subscription is active.

Overall I find pricing offered bt Pinegrow a bit complicated as compared to other builders like rs like Mobirise or Template Toaster.

Best Suited for

Pinegrow is best suited for professionals who want to quickly create websites without hand coding each one of them.

Conclusion and Summary

Offline website builders can be ideal choice if you want more control over the websites you build. Since you get access to the website code, you have more control and flexibility with what you can do.

If you are a beginner developer, the offline website builders can give you a great starting point. Even if you are an experienced developer, offline website builders can save a lot of your time by cutting down on repetitive tasks.

So which is your favorite offline website builder? Let me know in the comments.

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